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A bit more than a month after showing off a reveal trailer for the World of Warcraft movie at Comic-Con, Legendary Pictures has locked in a date for filming and set up shop in the studios for the film, Production Weekly reports.

According to a tweet from the film and TV production database company, Legendary recently set-up offices at Canadian Motion Picture Park in Vancouver, British Columbia and plans to begin filming on Jan. 13.

During Comic-Con, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. showed panel attendees a reveal trailer for the movie, titled Warcraft. The live-action short featured a human warrior preparing to go to battle with a hammer-wielding orc.

Duncan Jones is the latest director tapped to help the film. Prior to Jones' involvement, Sam Raimi was set to direct.

Source: Polygon
The Patch 5.4 trailer has been released! Check it out:

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Ignotos are currently on the look out for new members to join our community and raiding team. find out more

Today Ignotos found out that we have lost one of our most loved and long standing members; Zhee

Zhee was a wonderful part of our community and Kilrogg for that matter. She touched a lot of our lives in more ways than I can describe. Ignotos was extremely lucky to of been her home for so many years, and it wont be the same without her.

Even though most us never met Zhee in real life, she was a huge part of our lives in-game. It really shows what this game can do to the people who play it. World of Warcraft is there for when we need it, an escape from reality. But today for all of Ignotos' members World of Warcraft has become a real reality and has touched all of our real lives for the worse.

It's amazing how much one person can effect an online community, a group of people who don't know eachother, a group of people from different races and backgrounds. But Zhee was that exception... she was the difference. From when she logged on, to moment she logged off she would make the difference to all of our playing times. From laughter to arguments you would find Zhee at the heart of it, and we loved her for it. Zhee was the mother figure of our guild.

Our hearts go out to those she has left behind, and Ignotos will always be here for them.

Life is short... life is unfair... please love each other and life itself.

Thank you Zhee. x  :'(